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Como Conectar?
IP 1: Genium.servegame.com
IP 2: Genium.no-ip.org
IP 3: Server.GeniumOT.com
IP 4: www.GeniumOT.com
Cliente: 8.60 - Downloads
Port: 7171

Top Server Characters
1. Dead Dragonheart 517301 level
2. Ekemp'rullez 500035 level
3. Menor Sequelado 496698 level
4. Over'dose 492858 level
5. Shadow Pally 483488 level
Top Resets Character
1. Acetato De Trembolona 27 resets
2. Gode Mode 27 resets
3. Mortal kombat 25 resets
4. Renan Demolidor De Elera 25 resets
5. Dorion The Madness 23 resets